About us

Aussie Garage is all about the Cars, but also the people that own them. We go around interviewing owners of Vintage, Classic, Modified and Modern Australian Muscle Cars in their Garages and follow their restoration projects from start to finish. We also interviewing Car Clubs such as West Coast Vanners at car shows throughout WA to find out more about their pride n joys and how they got started. We are passionate about Australian Automotive history and the owners of these vehicle are keeping the history alive with every project they do. As we are car owners too, we understand the time, love, and money that these cars take and the thrill of showing it off.

Aussie Garage was started in February 2022 on YouTube and has been growing on a regular basis since then and we were accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program in October 2022.

We are grateful for all the subscribers and supporters of Aussie Garage since we started and we are very community minded, so we are always looking to support local businesses, events and community as a whole.

If you want to be interviewed by Aussie Garage regarding your Vintage, Classic and Modified vehicle, then contact us by info@aussiegaragetv.com.au