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OPTiX Microfibre Cloth Pack

Optix Nano Technologies microfibre Cloth Pack for Car Detailing

OPTiX Plush 2 Face Soft Microfibre Towel

The OPTiX Plush 2-Faced Microfibre Towel is a lovely smaller towel for buffing off waxes, compounds and more.

OPTiX Single Twisted loop MicroFibre Drying Towel

OPTiX Single-Sided 600gsm Twisted Loop Microfibre Drying Towel are an incredibly absorbent drying towel that is effortless.

OPTiX Ultra Plush Microfibre Towel

This ultra-plush microfibre towel is an excellent choice for detailing. When it comes to buffing off waxes or applying quick detailers, this is a great towel.

OPTiX Window Cleaner

OPTiX Window Cleaner makes cleaning your windows easy.

OPTiX Buff Mate Microfibre Towels

Optix Nano Technologies Buff Mate Microfibre Towels - 5 Pack