Holden Licensed Sandman Collection Surfboards

Holden Licensed Limited Edition Holden Sandman Collection Surfboards.

Holden Sandman Collection surfboards have all Sandman on the back of the board and the front represent colours of the Holden Sandman's. These boards come in Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Red. 


These Holden Sandman Collection Surfboards come in colours of Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green and Red. the feature a collection of all the Holden Sandman's that were manufactured by Holden. These are limited Edition Surfboards and these is only 5 of each colour available for this year. 


Pre-Sales are now availalbe and the the surfboards will be arriving in early 2024. Customer will need to secure their purchase with a deposit. Please email Phil Platcher on merch@aussiegaragetv.com.au for details. There is a Limited Number of 5 Surfboards per colour available in Australia, so don't miss out. 


PLEASE NOTE: Shipping cost for the surfboards will be arranged at the customers cost by Aussie Garage according the the customers address. An invoice will be send to the customer and payment must be made prior to shipment.