OPTiX Shampoo - Wash & Gloss

OPTiX Shampoo - Wash & Gloss with Berry Blast for the Ultimate Car Shampoo that is Silicone Free.

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You can Shop at OPTiX Nano Technologies Direct and make sureyou use the Code OZG-FREEGIFT to get a free gift. Shop at https://www.optix.net.au/collections/optix-nano-technologies/products/optix-shampoo-sio2-free-car-wash

OPTiX Shampoo is a premium shampoo designed for the regular people. This shampoo creates a good thick foam and provides the necessary cleaning power for your car. The OPTiX Shampoo is a great, affordable car wash for the everyday person or the professional car detailer.

What It Is Used For:

  • This product is a paint-safe shampoo.
  • Lubricates the wash mitt and paint.
  • Creates foam.
  • Gives a good shine and gloss.
  • Remove dirt and grime.

Scratch Prevention

OPTiX Shampoo is designed to prevent the scratching on your paint. However it is difficult to give a perfect result no matter the product. Take precaution to your wash mitts and drying towels for aging as they will have a greater chance to scratch the car when washing and drying.


This awesome shampoo will give you a great finish without leaving annoying soapy residue. The suds will wash straight off your car and will leave a clean finish.